Brooklyn Bedding Ultimate Dreams Shredded Latex Pillow

$32.00 As low as $3/ Month
Product Information

“Start sleeping ache free and comfortably and get the support you need with this exclusive latex pillow. Each piece of latex within the pillow moves around for a personalized and comfy fit expect better sleep. The shredded latex which is hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, mold & mildew proof does not retain heat and allows you to sleep cool.
Immediately conforms to contours of the head, neck and, spine for optimal orthopedic support.
Hypoallergenic and breathable latex is ideal for allergy sufferers.
Latex filling does not clump and has quick loft recovery.”

As described by the merchant. 

This special piece is a perfect addition to your home.

King Size Dimensions: 5" H x 34" W x 18" D , Queen Size Dimensions: 5" H x 28" W x 18" D , Standard Size Dimensions: 5" H x 24" W x 18" D ,