Bootcamp Things, Answered: Q& A having Metis Accès + Career Support

Bootcamp Things, Answered: Q& A having Metis Accès + Career Support


What kind of degree and job experience do you look for in candidates?
We’re certainly not looking for a special degree. 1 / 2 of our trainees have a Masters or Ph. D., whilst the other half provides a Bachelor’s. Many majors usually are STEM (eng, bio/chem/physics, or possibly quant such as econ/math/finance). Having said that, our application requires command over the fundamentals of Python, and you will be tested on your math/stats background, then it may or may not coordinate to your field(s) of former study. Go and visit this page to discover some more information.

Is it great for future appliers to the boot camp to take both Intro to be able to Data Knowledge and Learner Python & Math classes or just at least one?
A lot of students choose hands down the 2 classes to take dependant on their backgrounds and needs, quite possibly people carry both. Here’s a page which has a really comprehensive breakdown regarding what the courses offer when compared with what’s shown in the boot camp and what on the app. Also, an email: you can put on the cost of 1 part-time ready course to cost of your company’s bootcamp teaching upon accessibility.

Is there a reduce on the range of times you are able to apply to Metis?
We will without doubt provide responses and give people steps to raise for a potential future application. There isn’t a limit within the number of apps, but rather most of us ask of which applicants reapply after taking steps many of us recommend.

Do you possess an online bootcamp program?
We now have two live-online bootcamp prepare courses, though the bootcamp itself is delivered onsite inside SF, NYC, SEA together with CHI from the U. S. and in Singapore abroad.


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