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Zuihitsu has been around almost since the beginning of Japanese literature. Many of the most famous early works in Japanese literature belong to this genre…

Descriptions are usually arranged spatially, but they can also be chronological or expressive. Description uses tools such as semantic language, implicit language, figurative language, metaphor, and comparison to obtain a dominant impression. A reference book for university articles states that “the descriptive writing talks about what happened or what another author discussed; reports on the topic.” Lyric essays are an important form of descriptive essays. The defining features of the “cause and effect” essay are cause-and-effect relationships that link cause-to-effect, precise language, and temporal or aggravating order. As with the novel, essays were present in Japan for centuries before they developed in Europe in the type of essays known as dzuhitsu – incoherent essays and divergent ideas…


Notable examples include The Pillows Book (about 1000) of the court lady Si Shonagon and Tsurezuregusa by the famous Japanese Buddhist monk Yoshida Kinko. Kinko described his short messages in the same way as Montaigne, describing them as “meaningless ideas” written during “leisure hours.” Another notable difference from Europe is that women write traditionally in Japan, although more formal and Chinese-influenced works of male writers were more appreciated at the time. Often times, a conclusion includes a judgment or decision made based on the reasoning described in the article. The conclusion is an opportunity to summarize the essay by analyzing the main issues discussed that support the point or argument in the thesis…

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Sometimes writers can start their essays in the middle or end rather than the beginning, and work in the opposite direction. This process is individual and requires practice to understand what is best for them. Regardless of where students start, it is a good idea to start the introduction by catching an eye or an example that engages the reader in the first sentence. Articles are short popular science articles that describe, explain, debate, or analyze a topic. Students may face essay assignments on any school subject and at any school level, ranging from the personal experience of writing a “vacation” essay in high school to a thorough analysis of the scholarly process in graduate school..

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Most academic institutions require that all key facts, citations, and other supporting materials be indicated in an essay in the bibliography or on the works page listed at the end of the text. The academic essay tests the student’s ability to communicate their ideas in a structured way and is designed to test their intellectual ability. Descriptive writing is characterized by sensory details that appeal to bodily feelings and details that appeal to the emotional, physical, or mental reader. Goal setting, looking at the audience, creating an impression, using descriptive language, and organizing the description are rhetorical options that must be considered when using the description….