8 natural ways to increase testosterone in men

8 natural ways to increase testosterone in men amount testosterone

How to increase testosterone in men? 8 natural ways

8 natural ways to boost testosterone Testosterone is a hormone responsible for a man’s sexual activity and endowing him with masculine traits: powerful muscles, strength and endurance

Normal weight

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One of the main signs of atrophy of the male sex glands is weight gain. There is also an inverse relationship – with increasing weight, the concentration of testosterone in the blood decreases.

If you want to increase your sexual strength, then you should declare a merciless war on those extra pounds. This way of increasing the amount of sex hormone is associated with the first two: with a normal diet and a sufficient amount of physical activity..

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Remove “fast” carbohydrates from your diet (baked goods, confectionery, chocolate, sodas) and spend as many calories as you get with food.

Normal sleep

If you want to increase testosterone levels and improve your sexual function, you should sleep well. Yes exactly. First, a healthy order legal steroids online sleep improves all metabolic processes in the body, but most importantly, most of the testosterone is synthesized during sleep. Also try to improve the conditions for your night’s rest. Provide yourself with complete peace, comfort, plenty of fresh air. Normal sleep for a man should be at least seven hours a day..

Rejection of bad habits

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8 natural ways to increase testosterone in men natural ways

Both alcohol consumption and smoking have an extremely negative effect on male libido. Drinking large amounts of alcohol (leading to a hangover the next day) reduces the amount of testosterone by 20%, for a period of 12-24 hours. In addition, alcohol has a general negative effect on the body, which suppresses the work of the sex glands. Beer, in addition, contains substances very similar to female sex hormones..

Avoid stress

Try to maintain a normal psycho-emotional state. Strong stress has a destructive effect on testosterone production. Firstly, stress as a whole negatively affects the body, and secondly, in a stressful situation, the hormone cortisone is released – it is an antagonist of the male sex hormone. Rest, positive emotions and positive attitudes increase sexual function..

Regular sex life

If we don’t use something, then it will gradually atrophy. This rule is absolutely true for our body. If we do not give work to our muscles – they become flabby and quickly decrease in size, in a person leading a sedentary lifestyle, the volume of the heart decreases. If you want your sex glands to function fully, then you must live a normal sex life. An active sex life increases the level of testosterone in the blood and strengthens the body. Sex gives us positive emotions and protects us from stress. But moderation is also needed in this matter: do not be too zealous..

Be careful with medications

Many modern medicines contain hormones, some of which suppress the function of the sex glands. Do not self-medicate. Take these medications only after consulting your doctor and ask about the side effects of this or that oxymetholone for sale drug..

Many drugs that athletes take to achieve better results (anabolic steroids) contain sex hormones. Thanks to this, muscles grow faster, endurance and strength increase. However, the serious main one is that in this case the own sex glands begin to produce less testosterone. After the end of taking such drugs, the level of the hormone in the blood decreases sharply, in the case of their prolonged use, the development of a serious hormonal imbalance is inevitable.

We have described the main factors that affect male sexual function and the amount of testosterone hormone in the blood. Now you know how to increase testosterone in men, what factors you should pay special attention to and how to change your fertigyn hp 5000 life..

In conclusion, it remains to add the following: so that your sex glands work normally, and the level of the male hormone is at a height – monitor the general condition of the body. This should be understood as a combination of factors: the normal state of the cardiovascular system, the absence of excess weight, the normal functioning of the digestive tract and endocrine glands. The psychological state, positive attitudes and an active lifestyle are equally important..

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