Figure skating, Russian Cup 2020 Schedule and Participants

At the end of December in Krasnoyarsk will host a major event in the national figure skating in the past 2019 – the championship of Russia on figure skating 2020. Members of Euro 2020 will be formed on the basis of the winners of this tournament. All you need to know about the Czech Republic – in our material.


 1. The Russian Figure Skating Championships 2020: where and when 2. Figure skating, the championship of Russia 2019-2020: Schedule 3. The Russian Figure Skating Championships 2020: list of participants

 Russian Figure Skating Championships 2020: where and when

 For the first time in the history of the Czech Republic competition will take place in Krasnoyarsk. This city will be the most easterly of the people where ever the tournament was held. However, for the city to take figure skating is not a novelty. This spring, there was held a large-scale event – the 29th Winter Universiade.

 Russian Figure Skating Championships 2020 (Krasnoyarsk) – this is an important event, the results of which determine the composition of the national team to participate in Euro 2020. Participate in it can be athletes from 14 years. Because of this rule in the past year, it turned out that none of the winners of the tournament in the women’s figure skating missed the European Championship in Minsk. Anna Shcherbakova, Alexandra Trusova and Alena Kostornoy not let age (on the European tournament was the athletes who have reached the 15th anniversary at the time of July 1, 2018).

 Figure skating championship of Russia 2019-2020: schedule

 The tournament starts on December 24 and ends on 29 December. The first two of the day traditionally set aside for the arrival and accommodation of the athletes, as well as training. The first tournament on the ice will occur on December 26, the Czech Republic will open the men with short program.

 Figure skating, Russian Championship 2020 competition schedule (table)

 Russian Figure Skating Championships 2020: list of participants

 On the Russian Figure Skating Championships 2019/2020 are athletes who showed the best results at the stages of the Cup of Russia, as well as the stages of the Grand Prix ISU. While the site does not have all the tournament participants of those that are known exactly.

 Russian Figure Skating Championships, Women 2020:

 The list includes triumfatorki recent Grand Prix Final champion and last year’s Russia. Learn more about how was the Turin tournament, we wrote in a separate article.

 Figure skating championship of Russia 2019-2020: the participants (men)

 Learn more about how was the final Grand Prix among men, can be read in our article.

 Participants pair:

 Dancing on Ice:

 Rostelecom Cup of Russia in figure skating in 2020 will show who will represent Russia at the European Championship in Austria 2020. This time, the venue was chosen by the city of Graz.

 Earlier we wrote that the ISU established a special prize for the skaters.

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